Let’s Hit the Road! Planning Spring Road Trips

When you plan a trip over spring break, you look forward to making memories with your family or friends, not experiencing travel mishaps. That’s why it’s important to travel smart and think ahead while planning your trip. With a bit of planning, you can make memories to last a lifetime (that DON’T involve a breakdown on the side of the road). Here’s a few tips:

Have a pre-trip inspection. Bring your car or truck into S&S Research to have it checked by our certified technicians. Review your maintenance schedule to take care of key services before you hit the road, including tires, hoses, belts, and fluids.

Take maps. Bring a physical map of the area you’re traveling through. It’s wise to have a backup if you run out of battery or service for your phone.

Take turns driving. Having multiple drivers helps you stay alert and on course!

Check your documents. Before you leave, make sure your license, registration, tags, and insurance coverage are up-to-date.

Have an emergency road kit. Carry useful tools on the road in case of emergency. Check your spare tire and jack, jumper cables, and flashlight batteries.

Research before you go. Plan out your route, including stops for breaks and meals, in advance. This gives you an opportunity to minimize your travel time, without missing out on attractions along your journey.

Snack time. Snacks can provide a much-needed power boost on the road for the driver and passengers.

What are your road trip tips? Let us know by sending us a message on Facebook. S&S Research is dedicated to keeping you safely on the roads in Mukwonago and across the country for your road trips. Request an appointment online or stop by for a vehicle maintenance service or pre-trip inspection before your next road trip, and be prepared for every adventure that awaits!