How to Check your Tire Pressure

Having proper tire pressure is a key way to improve fuel efficiency, maximize the life of your tire, and save money! Checking your tire pressure at home is a very simple process with a big payoff.

To test your tire pressure, you only need one instrument – a tire pressure gauge. A good gauge is affordable, usually around $5-15, and you can purchase one from any auto parts store, big-box store, or online.

Tire pressure should be measured when the vehicle and tires are cold, as heat can affect the reading. Test your pressure in the morning before you’ve driven the vehicle and before ambient temperatures have risen. This will give you the most reliable reading.

You might think it would be best to use the maximum tire pressure number. But no – you would be driving on over-inflated tires and that would be like continually walking around on tiptoes. Only a portion of your foot is doing the work and that portion will wear out sooner than the rest. It also leaves you at increased risk for uneven tire wear and suspension damage.

The vehicle manufacturer will include the optimal tire pressure in your owner’s manual. It is also often listed on the inside of the door jam. Because tire manufacturers vary, they include the maximum tire pressure on the side of the tire. This is not the same as the optimal tire pressure.

If you aren’t sure what tire pressure is right for your vehicle, call our experienced automotive technicians at 262.968.3324. We’ll help you identify the recommended tire pressure from the manufacturer. This pressure accounts for the mechanics of your specific vehicle for the most comfortable ride and best fuel efficiency.

Proper tire pressure leaves you comfortable on the road. Instead of walking on tip toes, it distributes the weight of the vehicle over the tire surface area to help reduce bumps on the road.

The correct tire pressure also helps improve fuel efficiency by reducing the resistance of the tire against the road. By ensuring the tire hits the road with the correct inflation, you’ll be able to prevent uneven wear and maximize the life of your tires, saving money over the life of your vehicle!

If you feel you need to add some air to your tires, come by S&S Research and we will help get your car back safely on the road. For more advice on checking your tire pressure at home, call our independent auto repair shop in Mukwonago at 262.968.3324