Five Critical Fluids

Fluids keep your vehicle running! They prevent damage from heat and friction by lubricating the components in your vehicle. They also power hydraulic systems. But fluids need to be flushed and replaced periodically to continue performing this vital work.

Keeping up with fluid flushes helps you avoid damage and expensive repairs in your vehicle. Below are five critical fluids your vehicle needs to perform well and stay safe.

  • Oil – We think of motor oil as the “lifeblood” of your vehicle. The primary job of oil is to reduce friction between the hundreds of moving parts within your engine. Keep up with the demands of the roads in Wisconsin with regular oil changes by a certified technician. This will help avoid engine damage and save money over the life of your vehicle!
  • Transmission Fluid – If your vehicle has ever struggled to shift gears, transmission fluid may be the culprit. This fluid keeps the vehicle’s gears lubricated so you can shift smoothly. Over time, contaminants like dirt and debris can get caught in the fluid. When metal shavings are carried in the fluid, it can cause significant damage to the transmission! Never top off the fluid – instead, bring it to our Mukwonago auto repair shop for a transmission fluid flush.
  • Brake Fluid – Your vehicle’s brakes are a complex hydraulics system. Brake fluid is pumped through the master cylinder to stop your moving car. When moisture gets in your brake lines or the brake fluid begins to corrode, you may lose braking power. At the first sign of a problem with your brakes, don’t ignore it!
  • Power Steering – Like the brakes, your steering system is also powered by hydraulics. Without it, pulling over to the side of the road becomes a very difficult maneuver. Keep this fluid maintained so you can navigate the Wisconsin roads with ease.
  • Coolant – Also known as antifreeze, coolant prevents your engine from overheating. This fluid is designed for the extreme temperatures within your engine. Without it, your vehicle would overheat in a matter of minutes!

To keep your vehicle safe on the roads in Mukwonago, practice preventative maintenance! Keeping up with fluid flushes for these five fluids is a good place to start. Request an appointment online for an inspection, oil change, and fluid flush for your vehicle, or call us at (262) 968-3324.