Is Your Diesel Truck in Need of Repair?

Taking care of your diesel truck is crucial. When it comes to your truck needing repairs, do you know what to watch out for? Here are some warning signs that might be telling you it’s time for diesel truck repair.

Strange Noises

Your diesel engine shouldn’t make any odd noises when it runs. Excessive noise is a sign that you might have a problem, especially if you hear a knocking sound when you’re driving. If you hear a strange noise that you haven’t heard before, you should have someone look at your truck just in case.

High Mileage

Like all engines, diesel engines deteriorate with age. Your engine can last a long time if you take really good care of it, but it’s more likely that you’re going to have some problems once your truck gets up there in miles. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is an important part of preventing problems that come with high mileage.

High Oil Consumption

As your diesel truck gets older, you might notice that it’s starting to use up oil faster than usual. Burning oil is a sign that you have a serious problem, so visit a diesel truck repair shop if your truck is using oil faster than it usually does.

Oil Sludge

When you check your oil, you might notice sludge on your dipstick or fill cap. This sludge can be a sign of serious engine problems, so you don’t want to wait around if your oil has a sludge-like consistency. However, oil sludge doesn’t always mean you have a major problem.

Too Much Exhaust

It’s not unusual for diesel trucks to produce a lot of visible exhaust, but there’s a certain threshold that you need to be aware of. Keep an eye on your exhaust and take your truck to a mechanic if it’s producing more exhaust than usual. The sooner you get your truck looked at, the sooner you can stop worrying.

If you rely on your diesel truck regularly, you should take it to a mechanic whenever you have a problem. Routine maintenance is also a key part of keeping your diesel truck in good shape. While repair is likely, there is a chance you’ll need a full engine replacement. As far as what to expect from that kind of service, according to Forbes, replacing a diesel engine can cost $2,000 to $5,000, as well as the cost of labor. If you need diesel truck repair, give S/S Automotive a call to schedule a service today.