5 Common Diesel Problems to Keep an Eye Out For

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From trucks to tractors to boats and generators, diesel engines have tons of industrial applications. According to Rentar Fuel Catalysts, diesel produces 10 to 20% more energy than an equal amount of gasoline, making vehicles that use it highly efficient. If you rely on diesel engines, watch out for these five common diesel problems that diesel shops see.

1. Oxidized Oil

You need to keep the oil in your diesel engine clean like a gasoline engine, but oxidization is a big worry. You can prevent oxidization by changing your oil on a regular basis and choosing a high-quality oil brand for your engine.

2. Overheating

Engines need to stay cool and lubricated to work properly. Overheating is a common problem that can occur as a result of poor lubrication, but it can also be related to your coolant. If your diesel engine is overheating — especially if you notice smoke — you should have an expert check it out.

3. Black Exhaust

It’s true that diesel exhaust is a little different from gasoline exhaust, but your exhaust shouldn’t be black. Black exhaust can be a sign of a wide range of diesel engine problems, from a dirty air filter to a bad fuel-to-air ratio.

4. Engine Noises

Your diesel engine can make a lot of different noises, but any unusual noises are a cause for concern. Whether you hear a knocking, whining, rattling, or ticking sound, odd noises are an indicator that you might have an engine problem. Diesel shops can help you figure out why your diesel engine is suddenly making a noise.

5. Trouble Starting

A diesel engine that doesn’t start doesn’t do you much good, and starting problems are one of the most common issues with all types of engines. If your diesel engine isn’t starting, it could be something as simple as your starter motor. Either way, your diesel mechanic can help you figure out why your engine isn’t starting and how to fix it.

Whether you drive a diesel truck or rely on a diesel tractor for your farm, there are a lot of potential problems to keep an eye out for. When you notice an engine problem, diesel shops can help you diagnose and fix it. If you’ve got a diesel engine problem, call S&S Automotive to get back up and running as soon as possible.