40 et 8 Vehicle Renovation for Jefferson County VFW

SS Research is renovating a 40 et 8 train for the Jefferson County VFW!

The Veterans of Foreign Wars will be able to use this 40 et 8 for Parades – sharing with our community a historic symbol dating back to World War I. Look for this vehicle in the next parade through Mukwonago, and wave at the veterans on board to show your support.

During war times, the 40 et 8 vehicle was used to transport 40 troops and 8 horses, thus giving it the name “40 and 8.”

Jefferson County currently has the largest Locomotive in the State of Wisconsin! Fun fact: the 40 et 8 is also the only locomotive equipped with a toilet.

On the railroads in France, boxcar Voiture’s (or vehicles) carried men and horses to and from the fighting fronts. This vehicle soon became the trademark of the 40 et 8 Society (La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux).

The 40 et 8 society was organized in 1920, with origins in World War I, and welcomes honorably discharged veterans and those still on active duty.

SS Research is honored to have our hands on this tribute to history. We’re renovating and polishing the 40 et 8 vehicle, repainting the black exterior and adding vinyl finishes.

When all of the renovations and updates are complete, SS Research will donate the 40 et 8 vehicle to our local VFW.

Stay tuned for updates as we complete this project for the Jefferson County Veterans of Foreign Wars!