Low Levels of Coolant

If you notice a low level of coolant, also known as antifreeze, bring your vehicle into S&S Research for an inspection right away.

Coolant is an important fluid because it keeps your engine running at the right temperature, without freezing or overheating, no matter what conditions you are driving in.

Coolant is mixed with water in the cooling system to form the radiator fluid that flows through your vehicle’s engine. But the liquid is never used up – it continues to flow through the system as you drive.

If your coolant level is low, your vehicle’s system likely has a leak. It might be small, but as radiator fluid slowly leak from the system, the precise ratio of coolant to water becomes compromised. This can even lead to rust and mineral deposits that damage your engine.

When fluid can leak out of the system, it also means that air, dust, and contaminants can get in. Your engine must operate in a precisely controlled environment to run smoothly, keep your vehicle on the road, and prevent damage to the sensitive components.

You can never “top off” the coolant. This fluid must be filled at an exact ratio with the water in your cooling system. If you suspect a leak, call our team at 262-968-3324.

The certified technicians at S&S Research will thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Using state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic tools combined with years of experience, we will find and fix the leak to prevent further fluid loss.

Our technicians will also perform a cooling system flush. As the coolant travels in the engine, it can collect contaminants and carry them through the system. With age it also may become more thick and dirty, needing periodic replacement.

As part of the cooling system flush, we will remove the spent fluid from your system and replace it with new coolant. This preventative maintenance service will keep your vehicle operating at the right temperature on the roads in Mukwonago.

To schedule your next appointment, call S&S Research at 262-968-3324.