4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Oil


Oil might be the most important fluid you put into your car that isn’t fuel. A mechanic can check the fluid level and quality to make sure it’s still good to use in your car. When the oil has lost its viscosity, a technician can drain and replace the oil and oil filter. Many people neglect their engine oil and don’t check it as often as they should. If you are among those who don’t check the oil at least once a week and take engine oil for granted, here’s why that might cause costly engine problems.

1. Motors Need Lubrication

Your car’s motor has thousands of moving parts made from different types of metal. Those parts require clean oil to reduce friction, so they won’t wear out and cause a breakdown. According to Forbes, it costs between $2,000 and $5,000, plus labor, for a mechanic to repair or replace an engine. An oil change costs much less and helps preserve your motor and all of its internal parts.

2. Oil Reduces Dangerous Heat

Heat is an engine’s biggest enemy and could cause catastrophic damage. Ensuring your motor has a suitable amount of clean fluid and a good oil filter helps reduce heat by reducing the friction that causes it. When a motor heats up, the metal parts weaken and are prone to damage. An overheated engine also might affect valves, cylinders, and other moving parts that make it run efficiently.

3. Clean Oil Removes Motor Sludge

Bad oil causes residue buildup inside a motor that can turn into sludge. The sludge affects engine efficiency and performance, which could reduce fuel economy while endangering the motor. Old engine oil also collects acid that can corrode metal and damage seals and gaskets. Replacing the oil as recommended by the manufacturer can keep the motor clean on the inside and working its best.

4. Quality Oil Extends Engine Life

The manufacturer that built your vehicle provided an owner’s manual that says what type of oil to use and how often you should change it. You should follow that advice closely to help the engine last as long as possible and run well. The longer the engine lasts, the longer your vehicle will last and be more affordable to maintain and repair.

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