3 Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repairs

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A trusted auto repair shop is your best ally in keeping your vehicle on the road where it should be. According to Car and Driver, around one out of three drivers will experience a breakdown this year. That is about 69 million cars that break down annually. Pay attention to the following signs to determine if your vehicle needs transmission repair.

1. Grinding Sounds

Your gears should shift smoothly with minimal noise. If you hear a grinding sound when you try to shift gears, this can be a sign you need transmission repair. Any time you notice any type of unusual noise coming from your vehicle, it is important to get it checked out.

A professional auto repair shop can quickly diagnose the problem and make repairs. The sooner you take the vehicle to the repair shop, the better. Quick repairs can help save you money. Strange noises from your transmission may mean you need repairs or you risk causing further damage.

2. Gear Slipping

If your vehicle seems to struggle to shift gears, or you notice a large bang before the vehicle moves into the next gear, it is a sign your transmission has a problem. You may also notice that your engine revs before the gear is finally engaged. These signs indicate that the gears are “slipping.”

The teeth on the gears may be worn or there may be another problem. The only way to accurately diagnose the issue is by having a professional take a look at the vehicle.

3. Warning Lights

Most modern vehicles are outfitted with dashboard warning lights. If the dashboard warning light stays on after starting your vehicle, you may have a transmission problem. When the dashboard warning light illuminates for the transmission, it can be as simple as a small component that needs replacement. However, it can also be an indicator of a more serious problem. The only way you will know what the problem is is to take it to an auto repair shop that has the proper diagnostic tools. You should not ignore dashboard warning lights.

Getting the proper maintenance and paying attention to the warning signs can help keep your vehicle on the road and reliable. Call our auto repair shop at S/S Automotive today. We can manage all your vehicle needs.