Why You Need a Transmission Flush

transmission flush

The problem with transmission fluid is that you can’t always tell when it is dirty just by looking at it. Transmission fluid is often a bright red or green color. When you look into the fluid while your car is parked, it may seem clean and clear. But hidden underneath is dust and debris waiting to mix in and flow through your engine, which is why you need a transmission flush from time to time.

Just like the motor oil and other fluids in your vehicle, transmission fluid wears down over time. It collects contaminants, breaks down, and needs replaced periodically in order for it to be effective.

When the fluid becomes contaminated, it carries the debris through the engine as your car operates. Over time, this can wear down the components in your vehicle, leading to extensive damage, transmission failure, and expensive repairs.

A transmission flush will clear all of these contaminates out of the system and replace spent fluid with fresh transmission fluid. Sometimes a transmission fluid change may be an option. While a transmission flush completely drains and cleans the system, a transmission fluid change uses gravity to remove spent fluid and replace with new fluid.

Warning signs for a failing transmission include trouble shifting gears, surging or slipping, and delayed motion, as well as burning fluid smells or grinding noises. At the first sign of a problem, bring your vehicle into a reliable auto repair shop with certified technicians, like S & S Automotive, to have it inspected.

Often transmission flushes can help address these symptoms and prevent further damage from developing. Keeping up with preventative maintenance is the best way to care for your vehicle and avoid costly, preventable damage from occurring.

Check your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to find out when your vehicle is due for a transmission flush, or call our certified technicians at 262-968-3324. Our auto experts will help you keep track of the maintenance your vehicle needs, diagnose the cause of strange noises, symptoms, or transmission issues, and help you make the best decision for you and your family.