Warning Signs of an Overheated Engine

The summer sun loves to sizzle all in its path. For you, this might mean a great tan (or an unfortunate sunburn), but for your car the climbing mercury could lead to overheating. If you haven’t experienced an overheated car, chances are you’ve seen an unlucky soul on the side of the road staring in dismay at the smoke signals billowing from the hood. Overheating can happen to anyone if you’re not careful! Here are some warning signs to help you catch the sizzle before it becomes a boil:

Your dashboard is designed to keep you in the know. This includes two indicators to keep you on top of your vehicle’s temperature. The first is the Temperature Gauge. Fairly basic, your gauge usually has a ‘C’ for cold and an ‘H’ for hot. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to see your needle climb above the halfway mark. Many newer models will also have a dashboard light designed to illuminate a thermometer symbol when your vehicle is becoming too hot. If you see either of these indicators, pull over and let the vehicle rest. Once the vehicle has cooled enough to drive head over to (keyword) and have an ASE Certified Waukesha Auto Repair Shop diagnose your vehicle to avoid further problems.

Air Conditioning:
You’re driving down the road listening to the stereo and enjoying the cool breeze blasting from your air conditioning when suddenly the cool air turns warm then hot. Why? Your vehicle is overheating and trying to pull the heat away from the engine.

Hissing Sounds:
Unless the Bronx Zoo Cobra escaped again and is hiding under your hood, you’re mostly likely hearing the warning signs of an overheating engine. Anti-freeze is escaping from a leak in your coolant system and dripping onto the hot engine causing that sizzle. This sort of problem requires immediate attention. If your sizzle has stopped, that means it’s out of fluid to leak. A dry coolant system means an unprotected engine and major costly repairs for you. Call a Waukesha Auto Repair Center to silence the sizzle and save you stress.

Steam and/or Smoke:
If your car is sending up smoke signals, consider them a serious message that your vehicle needs help. You may also hear a hissing sound. Anti-freeze is leaking at such a rate that it is actually burning when it comes into contact with the hot engine block. This problem won’t simply go away. Contact a Waukesha area Auto Repair Center for diagnosis and repairs.

Coolant Puddles:
Bright yellow puddles in your parking space mean your coolant system is leaking. Most likely, you’ll hear a hissing noise when you’re driving. That coolant on the pavement is a vital component of your vehicle’s ability to regulate temperature and needs to be replaced ASAP. Otherwise, you could be victim of an overheated engine.

Remember, extreme temperatures can deteriorate the viscosity of your engine’s motor oil, so it’s important to bring your vehicle in for an Oil Change next time you’re in Waukesha. If your vehicle has been showing any of these signs or you’re concerned about your vehicle’s coolant system, it’s time to bring it into (keyword) so you can get on your way in comfort instead of working on a roadside tan.