Purchasing a Used Car? Here’s What to Check

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It pays to do your homework when choosing the make and model of a used car that you’re considering buying. Checking the individual vehicle to make sure it’s in good shape is also vital. Closely inspecting vehicles that are available to ensure they are maintained properly will help prevent costly repairs down the line. Here’s what our auto repair shop recommends you look for when buying a used car.

Check the Average Annual Mileage

The mileage on a vehicle always matters, including the average number of miles traveled every year. Most people drive about 14,263 miles annually, according to The Zebra, so if you find a car that is five years old but has 100,000 miles on it, this is a potential red flag. The more miles on a vehicle, the more likely its parts and components have endured a lot of wear and tear.

Inspect the Interior for Damage

You should give the interior of any car you’re considering a thorough inspection to see if the prior owner cared for the vehicle. The interior’s condition says a lot about the overall state of the car. Checking the ashtray might reveal a bunch of old cigarette butts, which would tell you the interior has absorbed a lot of tobacco smoke. If the interior looks very clean and has upholstery that is in like-new condition, the prior owner likely took good care of it, and it’s less likely to have issues. An auto repair shop can help you spot signs of trouble in a car’s interior.

Look for Signs of Fluid Leaks

Few things indicate potential trouble more than signs of fluid leaks. You should check the engine for signs of oil leaking from the heads and the transmission for signs of fluid leaking from its gaskets or seals. If the vehicle has a differential, check it for signs of dried fluid coming from the cover, which might indicate the vehicle has a defective differential that requires a costly replacement service. A coolant leak from the radiator or hoses could indicate a vehicle is in bad mechanical condition. It’s essential to have all these items inspected by a trustworthy auto repair shop.

Are you preparing to purchase a used vehicle? If so, you can call or visit our auto repair shop to have one of our certified technicians inspect it. We’ll also be happy to maintain and repair a car that you just bought. Contact S&S Automotive today to schedule an appointment!