Longer Lasting Wiper Blades

When the rain starts falling in Mukwonago, you trust that your wiper blades will keep your windshield clear so you can see the road. The key to staying safe this fall is checking your wiper blades before the first storm.

To test your wiper blades, run the windshield washer fluid in your vehicle. If the blades skip and bounce, screech and squeak, or leave streaks behind on your windshield, it may be time to replace your windshield wipers.

To get the longest life out of your windshield wipers, follow these tips.

1. Clean your windshield regularly.
Use the washer fluid and cleaning supplies available at the gas station every time you stop for gas. This will remove the dirt and debris that can damage your wiper blades over time.

2. Clean the wiper blades.
Take a clean cloth and apply rubbing alcohol to the edge of the blade. This will remove dirt and particles that can get in the way.

3. Invest in quality wiper blades.
Look for one that is supported along the length of the blade (instead of only a few places). This plastic support can help protect the rubber blade and prevent streaks.

4. Beware of ice.
When snow comes to Mukwonago, freezing snow and ice can form along the edge of the blade. If the wipers are frozen to the windshield, do not turn them on! Run the defroster and use an ice scraper to clear ice first.

5. Carry extra washer fluid.
If you can’t see on the road, you are endangering yourself, your family, and other drivers! Keep washer fluid in your vehicle for emergencies.

Visibility is key to your safety on the road this fall! Stop by S&S Research and ask our auto repair technicians to top off your windshield washer fluid. To schedule your next inspection, request an appointment online or call our shop at 262.968.3324.