Keep it Cool!

When most drivers hear the phrase “preventative maintenance,” they probably think of getting the oil changed, replacing filters, replenishing fluids, etc. What many car owners may not realize however is that one of the most important systems that auto technicians check when performing inspections is a vehicle’s cooling system.

The cooling system is not the same as the air conditioning system. Air conditioning keeps you comfortable in hot weather, which is nice but not of paramount importance to your vehicle’s health. Your car’s cooling system, on the other hand, is extremely vital to its health as it ensures that your engine can efficiently and effectively burn fuel without overheating.

The fuel that is burned in your engine creates up to 4,500 degrees of heat. If the cooling system should malfunction, you could quickly find yourself on the side of the road. If this happens, you could have to replace the entire cooling system – or even the entire engine.

A close-up shot of a Coolant line etc. in an engine compartment.

Your car’s cooling system is a complex system that runs throughout the entire engine. It includes the water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, overflow tank, pressure cap, heater core, cooling fans and freeze plugs. By having these components regularly inspected and replaced as necessary, you can keep your car running coolly, avoiding costly repairs or engine damage.

Rather than trying to wrap your head around each individual component of the cooling system and how it functions, leave the headache to professional technicians. During a tune-up, all aspects of this system will be inspected. If everything looks in order, that’s great news for a cool and smooth ride.

It’s always important to take preventative measures to ensure a healthy cooling system. A thorough auto-repair shop will keep track of your car’s maintenance schedules and let you know when any part will need to be replaced. If you have questions about the cooling system or any other component on your vehicle, stop by or call us at 262-968-3324.