How Truck Maintenance Can Differ From Sedan Maintenance

truck maintenance

Routine maintenance is an essential part of owning a vehicle. According to AAA, you should set $50 aside monthly for regular vehicle maintenance. However, the type of maintenance you need often varies depending on your vehicle. Here are a few differences you’ll notice if you own a truck compared to a sedan.


Suspension components on a truck or SUV that sits taller than a sedan are known to go out more. It’s common to see struts that must be replaced more often on trucks. That’s because they are taller and tend to bounce more when going over bumps in the road. This puts more wear and tear on those components compared to a sedan.

Truck Tires

Truck tires require different maintenance compared to sedan tires. When it comes to truck maintenance, mechanics often consider the increased weight of a truck. The higher weight puts more strain on the tires, which can make them go out sooner. Specific tires are necessary for trucks that often carry heavy loads. Tires need to be checked and rotated more often on trucks.

Brake System

There are several brake system components that mechanics must consider. The brakes for trucks are often larger than those of sedans, and they may go out sooner because of the additional pressure on the brake system. Some brake systems have other components, like engine brakes. These are often under the same increased pressure as the regular brakes and must be maintained more often to ensure safety.

Engine Type

It’s common to see diesel trucks, whereas you won’t find a lot of diesel sedans. Many drivers love diesel trucks because they have increased power, which makes it easier to haul heavy loads. Diesel engines have unique needs because of the differences between diesel and gasoline-powered engines. For example, diesel engines don’t have spark plugs.

Various Uses

Trucks are used for various things, whereas sedans are mostly used to provide transportation on paved roads. A mechanic will discuss what your vehicle is used for when you bring it in for truck maintenance. Trucks used for off-roading need more maintenance on the suspension. Those used for towing or hauling require more maintenance checks because of the additional wear and tear.

Trucks require more maintenance than sedans because they are commonly used for different purposes. Larger vehicles are also more likely to need work on the suspension and tires. If you’re in need of truck maintenance, contact S&S Automotive today to schedule an appointment.