Cold Weather Driving Tips

cold weather

Winter’s chilly temperatures, ice, snow and road salt can test your vehicle’s performance and condition to the extreme. Here are a cold weather driving few tips to consider as we head towards the chilliest months of the year here in Wisconsin:

Check the battery. Starting a car in colder weather takes more energy, and a worn-down battery will make it harder to start your engine. Replace the battery as needed.

Change the wiper blades. Wiper blades wear down over time. Winter driving often brings snow, sleet and rain that can obscure vision. Clean, new wiper blades make driving safer by keeping your windshield clear.

Check tire treads. Bald tires, or tires whose treads are worn almost level, are a safety hazard. Ice and snow make cars more prone to skidding, and bald tires can turn a bad situation worse. If tires wear unevenly, it might be time for a tire rotation and wheel alignment.

Keep tank a quarter to half full of fuel. This reduces condensation inside the gas tank. Condensation is water vapor that changes into water, and water can freeze in the gas tank in very cold conditions.

Change to a winter-grade windshield wiper fluid. Such fluid contains ingredients that prevent freezing and make it easy to clean dirt from the windshield.

If you have any questions regarding cold weather driving or if you have any concerns regarding your vehicle’s well-being, be sure to give our auto experts a call at 262-968-3324 or click HERE to schedule an appointment online!