Perfect Car Emergency Kit

Sometimes it’s hard to leave home and remember everything that we may need. Whether you are an avid road-tripper or just enjoy the random Sunday drive around Wisconsin, a stocked emergency road kit can be invaluable. Below is a list of must-haves to keep in your car, especially if you’ll be traveling off main roads or know there is severe weather coming:

Flat tire kit or tire-puncture sealant

– While the toolkit can fix a flat in a jiffy, spraying some tire sealant on a minor flat can help you get to a mechanic.

Road flares

– Invaluable in case of emergency or trouble to flag other motorists.


– A dependable and weatherproof flashlight will ensure that you at least have light during any kind of problems or disasters. Also, don’t forget extra batteries!

Car phone charger

– In case you get stranded somewhere for some time, you’ll want to be able to get a hold of your loved ones. Consider also keeping a rechargeable battery pack in your glove box to charge your phone if your car battery is dead.

Car Fire extinguisher

– This can come in handy to help stop small fires from spreading as well as be a safety measure while camping.

Jumper cables

– Whether you need a jump or you want to be a Good Samaritan and help someone else, keep a set of jumper cables with long enough cables in case either car is parked funky.

Car First-aid Kit

– With a comprehensive kit, you can care for bumps and bruises as well as minor scrapes and ailments.

Pen and paper

– You never know when you will need to note down important information, such as contact or insurance info or directions.


– Enables you not only to record your adventures, but also keep track of supplies, damages during an accident, or take quick pictures when you don’t have time to write down details.

Emergency Food and water

– Non-perishables, like granola bars and nuts, will help keep your energy up and head together during long waits or emergencies. Furthermore, a gallon of water a day per person should be enough to maintain proper hydration.

The unexpected can happen at any time. If you’re off-roading, having car trouble, or facing a natural disaster, being stranded without needed essentials in your car can be harrowing. With your emergency road kit in your car, you’ll feel more confident to handle a wide array of dangerous situations. Ask our team at S&S Research by contacting us online or calling us 262.968.3324 at if there is anything missing from your kit before your next adventure!