Brake System Maintenance 101

brake system

When it comes to safety and your vehicle, there is nothing more important than a healthy brake system. At S&S Automotive, our ASE-Certified technicians will thoroughly look over your brake fluid, brake lines and brake pads when you bring in your car for your next scheduled preventive maintenance visit.

Research has shown that brake fluid, on average, becomes contaminated every two years. And because it is a hydraulic fluid, it is the brake fluid’s job to transfer force and apply the brakes. The more moisture that accumulates in the brake fluid, the harder it becomes for your brake system to work properly. This also results in more stopping time which means if you’re in an emergency scenario where you need to stop quickly, it may take a longer distance for you to “panic stop” than usual. A few feet could mean the difference between walking away from an accident or a visit to the hospital.

Our shop doesn’t want any of our customers to be injured because of a technical deficiency in their vehicle that could have easily been avoided.

That’s why the auto repair experts at S&S Automotive are dedicated to keeping their customers safe. When you come in for a preventive maintenance visit at our Mukwonago location, we’ll give your vehicle a complete and thorough look over to check anything that may be decreasing your vehicle’s performance or safety.

For example, most modern vehicles have what’s called ABS, or Anti-Lock Braking Systems. These systems help drivers like you manage better in bad weather conditions. However, their effectiveness is directly dependent on how often the brake fluid is flushed.

Dirty brake fluid can damage this expensive equipment, resulting in a huge repair bill!

If you are unsure of your brake system’s effectiveness, stop by our shop or call us at (262) 968-3324!