Antifreeze Warning Signs

Temperatures are starting to drop in Wisconsin. Are you ready for the cold? The next time you grab a jacket as you leave the house, ask yourself if you’ve done the same for your vehicle.

Instead of bundling up for winter weather, your vehicle relies on antifreeze. Like the perfect coat, antifreeze makes sure your engine’s temperature stays just right – not too warm, not too cold. But just like the other systems in your vehicle, the antifreeze and cooling system are subject to wear and tear.

As you drive around Mukwonago, keep an eye out for these warning signs that could indicate a serious problem with your antifreeze.

1. Sweet smells. Antifreeze that is burning too hot, boiling, or leaking from your engine often burns with a sweet smell. Some drivers compare the smell to hot maple syrup. If you smell this odor, bring your vehicle in for an inspection as soon as possible. Burning or leaking fluid can leave your vehicle at risk for an overheating engine.

2. Rust. If you see visible scaling or rust in your coolant, it’s time to change the fluid. More likely, you won’t notice this until it becomes a serious problem for your vehicle. When you check your coolant with the vehicle off, contaminants often settle to the bottom of the engine. The visible fluid looks clean and clear, but underneath the debris is hiding and ready to cause damage. Having a cooling system flush regularly is important to remove all of the rust and damaging particles within the fluid.

3. High temperatures. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge as your drive. If temperatures are fluctuating or spike to the hot, red end, your engine could be at risk for overheating. Bring your vehicle in to S&S Research so our certified technicians can diagnose the issue.

For best results, stop by S&S Research for a cooling system inspection BEFORE the first storm this winter. Our experienced technicians will make sure your antifreeze is in good condition to keep your engine running properly this winter.

Request an appointment online, call our team of technicians at 262.968.3324, or stop by our auto repair shop in Mukwonago anytime.