Four Wheel Drive Maintenance for Control on Winter Roads

Is your car ready for the winter roads? Before you head out in deep snow and icy roads, make sure your vehicle’s four wheel drive system is ready for the challenge.

Drivers in Mukwonago often use four wheel drive more frequently during the winter months than the summer. When your vehicle is sliding on slippery roads, four wheel drive can provide a needed boost to remain in control of your vehicle.

Four wheel drive helps improve your traction on snow and ice. By directing power to all four wheels, you are less likely to get stuck if one wheel loses grip on the road.

However, four wheel drive does not give you permission to be risky! Even if your car helps you stay in control in the snow, don’t put yourself and your family at risk with reckless driving. Icy patches, other drivers, and unexpected changes on the road require you to stay diligent on winter roads. Slow down and be careful in the snow.

Before you need it most, stop by S&S Research to have your vehicle’s four wheel drive system checked. Making sure the system is working properly will keep you safe this winter, and routine maintenance helps keep your vehicle running it’s best.

Check your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for recommended maintenance on your vehicle’s four wheel drive system, or call our auto repair experts at 262.968.3324.

If you notice that your vehicle isn’t performing as expected when you have four wheel drive turned on, bring it into S&S Research in Mukwonago for an inspection. Our technicians will carefully and accurately diagnose the problem affecting your vehicle to get you back safely on all four wheels this season.

To schedule a winter inspection, routine maintenance, or four wheel drive diagnosis, request an appointment online or call our auto repair shop at 262.968.3324.