3 Reasons to Never Put Off an Oil Change

car maintenance

Oil changes are one of the most common types of car maintenance performed by auto repair shops. In fact, according to IBISWorld, the oil change services industry had a market size of $10.3 billion in 2022. However, some car owners may be tempted to delay getting an oil change. Here are three reasons why procrastinating on this bit of vehicle upkeep is a bad idea.

1. Oil Regulates Your Engine’s Temperatures

When you drive your car, your engine is going to be running hot. This is how it powers itself to take you from place to place. The faster you go, the hotter the engine gets. When you fill the engine with oil, it keeps it at an acceptable level of heat. Without adequate oil, the engine will be at risk of overheating, and you could end up standing on the side of the road with smoke coming out of your hood. Taking care of oil changes on schedule helps ensure disasters like this don’t happen.

2. Oil Removes Debris

When you’re out on the road, there’s a lot of debris that can get in your car and engine. The oil keeps things nice and clean to allow all the parts of your car to work properly without anything getting stuck. If you neglect this bit of car maintenance, it can devastate your whole car. Paying the small price for an oil change is much smarter than putting it off too long and spending tons of money on a new engine.

3. Oil Lubricates Your Engine

Your car’s engine has a lot of moving parts. The oil allows those parts to move around without any friction. If you don’t have enough oil, then the parts will start grinding against each other. This can create numerous issues and even cause parts to become misaligned. An oil change prevents problems like this before they occur.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons to never skip an oil change. Your car may seem fine at first, but by the time you notice the problems caused by neglecting this maintenance, it may be too late, and you could end up spending thousands on repairs. If your vehicle is due for an oil change, contact S&S Automotive today to schedule service. We look forward to assisting you!